Vickie was born and raised in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. She has spent her life helping others and healing herself. She is an intuitive practitioner of the holistic arts, vibrational healer and licensed massage therapist since 1996.

Around 2010 Vickie met some really amazing people that became her soul family and awakened her spirit.  So many people where experiencing and feeling so much in 2012, the year of the big shift; she felt that people needed to know how to find people that could help. Vickie wanted to be the bridge to make it happen and connect people to this amazing soul family. This was the beginning of the RaSani Fair which was birthed on the fall equinox 2012 in a little grange hall in North Albany with 25 vendors. After three years at the grange she moved the fair to the Linn County Expo Center where her soul family grew, having now well over 90 vendors in her fair.

After the first RaSani Fair, Vickie was introduced to dõTERRA Essential Oils. They blew her away and gave her the ability to heal herself at her fingertips. You can swiftly change your mood with essential oils and bring emotions to the surface to be healed. If you can heal and let go of your wounds, you can raise your vibration and become the person you have always strived to be. Vickie has been learning, teaching and using essential oils ever since to help raise vibration and heal emotional issues.

Having dove into the world of emotional healing, Vickie became certified providers.  T.R.E. is Trauma/Tension Release Exercises and is a way to release stored memories, traumas, or tension on a physical level.  It speeds up any healing process you go through by shaking off things that no longer serve you. Thus, leaving your body in a higher state of vibration.

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