Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology is looking at the astrology chart on a soul level, helping you understand yourself in ways that are deeper, clearer and more spiritual.  Vickie believes that our soul has many lifetimes that we work through to learn lessons to grow and develop. We carry these karmic gifts and weaknesses from each lifetime to continue learning and growing on a soul level.

We reincarnate with other souls, throughout these different lifetimes, that we consider our soul family. For instance, as souls, let’s say, we sit around a karmic cafe and discuss with each other what lessons you need to go through to learn the most in this next life. You make soul contracts with others in your soul family to play out these lessons in certain roles of your family, extended family, and close people in your life. Maybe your dad in your last life will be your child in this life or your sister will be your mother?  It all depends on what you need to learn and what circumstances will help bring those lessons/karma to the surface in this lifetime.

Everything that happens to us in this lifetime is significant and is a lesson.  It’s worth mentioning, that someone in this lifetime that may have put you through some of the most difficult circumstances, may have been a soul that loved you the most and wants to be sure you learned the hard lessons and resolve your karmic debt, rather than spending many lifetimes repeating the same behavior keeping you stuck.

However it works out, it will provide you with more opportunities to work out your karma and help you along with your dharma (your highest spiritual path set before you incarnate). You have free will which will determine how close you get to your path.  Vickie can show you ways to see what your path or soul’s mission is, so you can grow the most in this lifetime.  Also where you can get stuck that could be holding you back from your soul’s mission.  Giving you the tools to make the wisest choices you can for yourself.

A great way to get started with Astrology is to have your Natal Chart made and explained to you. Vickie charges $125 to provide this for you.  In order for her to prepare your natal chart you will need to provide your: first and last name, birthdate, time of birth and location of birth (city, state). The natal chart is good for your entire life.  If you where to look up at the sky when you where brought into the world, this is the natal chart. It is the core of your being and will have answers to your questions throughout this lifetime.

Vickie also does relationship charts, solar return charts and can help you choose dates for your next event, wedding, or opening a business.

Private Sessions:
$75 for 60 minutes
$95 for 90 minutes
$125 Natal Chart