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Vibrational Healer




Located downtown Albany, Oregon…  RaSani is owned and operated by Intuitive Practitioner of the Holistic Arts, Vickie Pruitt LMT #5614.

Offering karmic astrology sessions, T.R.E., energy work, spiritual coaching, and dōTERRA essential oil products. Vickie uses her bright light to bring people together, to inspire people to love who they are and find the magic that lies within them.

Vickie Pruitt is a certified provider of Tension/Trauma Release Exercises. Through physical tremors originating from the brain stem the body has an opportunity to unwind and help bring back to balance the bodies chemistry, neurology, and muscular system. An excellent way to unwind, destress, balance and reset your body. Amazing results for those that suffer PTSD. For more information about T.R.E. go to:


Vickie is the owner and producer of the RaSani Fair located in Albany, Oregon at the Linn County Expo Center. It is a premier Body Mind Spirit Holistic Metaphysical Fair that started in 2012.  With over 100 holistic vendors their is something for everyone. A great place to fill your heart and feed your soul. It is the end of April and beginning of October every year.  More information on the Facebook page at: RaSani Fair

Due to the covid-19 the RaSani Fair has been paused and will resume when the mandate is over. We are hoping for October 3 & 4, 2021 for our next show!



Vickie is also facilitating retreats in the Willamette Valley & Coastal Range of Oregon, Mt. Shasta California, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

For more information go to:

Facebook at: RaSaniFair or RaSani

Instagram: RaSani Fair

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