Total New Moon In Leo Solar Eclipse

This is a very special time to be on the planet with a full solar eclipse just for the United States. In fact, here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, we will be in totality. Totality occurring Monday, August 21st at 10:16am in Albany, Oregon. Check online to see what time it is in your location at: Times of the Eclipse


When the sun is blocked by the moon in Leo, it lets the ego step back and puts light on our shadow self. Allowing what is unconscious in us to come to the surface to be acknowledged. In fact, we not only see what our stuff, we can see everyone else’s stuff.

Once the light comes back, it brings a rebirth or rather reset to your life… New beginnings…  This particular solar eclipse is a new moon in Leo 28* solar eclipse.


This is a very high degree of Leo being 28* (there is only 30 degrees per sign). So we are being asked to take the form of the highest potential of Leo. Really see yourself! What is going on within yourself? How are you making heart centered decisions, taking the role as leader? Here are some Leo words to help you identify Leo characteristics. Strive for the highest qualities that you can find under “Soul Potential”. If you are feeling frustrated or some Leo problematic traits are raising their head, be aware by looking at the “Soul Pattern”.



These are intense times, especially with so many planets in retrograde. This gives the current energy a very internal nature.  Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Are you doing soul pattern Leo or soul potential Leo?

If you have your natal chart, look at what house has 28* Leo. Look for ♌️ on your chart to depict Leo, then 28 degrees. This will give you the area of life that this eclipse is going to be the most potent! Here is a chart of the house basics for you to get an idea of what the houses mean.


Wishing you the very best during this magical natural event! Set intentions with this new moon in Leo a spontaneous, regal, generous leader and lead from your heart. It is your time!

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